About "European Norm"

For temperature ratings, NANGA uses the uniform standard used in  European countries (European Norm).

EN (European Norm) is the name of the uniform standard that has been established in Europe. It is also called the European Standard. The calculation of temperature ratings for sleeping bags is defined by EN13537. Manufacturers used to calculate temperature ratings by their own methods, but now ratings are displayed based on unified criteria. Tests are conducted by authorized third parties for fairness. This is a big difference from temperature ratings based on manufacturers' own standards.

EN 13537 testing method

A mannequin equipped with temperature sensors is dressed in long sleeves and underwear down to the ankles, then laid inside a sleeping bag on top of a camping mattress. Temperature is measured at 5 locations inside the mannequin, and heat radiation levels are also measured. The measured temperatures and the room temperature in the laboratory are plugged into an equation to produce a value. A sleeping bag's ability to retain warmth is affected not only by the amount of stuffing, but also by the type and thickness of the fabric and accessories like zippers, so all these elements are judged comprehensively in the test.

European Norm Ratings

The temperature range at which an average adult woman can sleep without feeling cold. (Since women generally feel cold more easily than men, this level is calculated around 5℃ higher.)

The temperature range at which an average adult man can sleep for 8 hours curled up inside the sleeping bag (lower temperature limit). Temperatures lower than this are in a risky range.

The temperature range an average woman can handle for up to 6 hours curled up enough to hug her knees. The body will shiver in an attempt to product heat, and basal metabolism will increase. Using a sleeping bag at this temperature range also brings risk of hypothermia, and is extremely dangerous.

* Displayed temperatures are for reference only. Actual results vary widely between individuals depending on experience, strength, and physique. Please remember that the ratings are only for reference.

* Women should refer to Comfort, and men should refer to Limit.