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Great fan

Ive been wanting this fan for a long time. It is quiet and powerful. Looks nice too!

Best tent post available.

The quality is amazing. I was tired of the tent posts that bend when trying to stake them into the ground.
Very solid and having longer post really helps keeping them in the ground when the ground is soft.


Excellent little fan and it does the job. I just wish it can tilt the angle to 90 degree. Other than that, its very good.

Quality heavy duty design at a great price point. Does make it on the heavier side. But a great product overall

Best head cap light

very bright and light. Battery lasts for a longgg time

Compact and convenient

This is the best grill on table for small group - 2-3 people. Love it when first using it.

Haochen Lu
Ikamper annex plus

It is pretty easy to set up. The material is really durable. Perfect match with ikamper 3.0!

Melissa Fong
Great and Compact!

We absolutely love our new Disco Outdoor Cooking Station. We actually no longer have a BBQ at home and able to open our patio door from our kitchen and set it up (took only 5 minutes) to cook ribs, cooked everything evenly. We can’t wait to take it camping. All pieces can be packed up compactly, which is great as we don’t have that much space in our car when we go camping.

Great experience so far

I have ordered several times from Bigtent now and would absolutely recommend them.
They seem to be a good company to do business with, responsive, quick to resolve issues and they have great products.
Thank you for being a good company.

Really cool store

Very cool store with unique products

Big bang for a big buck!

It definitely serves the purpose of a luxurious camping experience:
- the design allows for an easy setup and tear-down
- farewell to damp and uneven ground and added posh mattress
- extra storage for sleeping bags and less to pack since the roof-top is always "adventure-ready"
- fits right on top of my compact SUV and it is all about comfort and convenience

Installation was quick and the shop staff were extremely helpful!

Five stars BIGTENT!

Good quality

Excellent light last long the battery and handy

Great product

Very well made product. Nicely constructed carrying case. Gives off a nice reflective glow. Looking forward to more use this summer.

Exoshell 270 with walls

Spent a couple of rainy days for my first outing with the Exoshell. We also bought the walls — because it rains a lot in BC!

Setting up the Exoshell is as easy as they say. It took me 5 minutes to open it up, secure it with the two straps and the poles and anchor them in the ground with the guylines and legs. This was my second time opening it up but the first time wasn’t much longer.

The Exoshell provides shade but alone it doesn’t protect you from the rain very well. So we bought the walls. Installing them took longer — an instructional video from iKamper would be helpful! We figured out what went where — decided to put the walls around the outside of the poles and guessed how to anchor it to the Exoshell beyond the heavy duty Velcro. Lots of pegs and guylines to keep it he walls — and a couple of open window flaps — in place. All told, I think we had everything up and pegged down in a little more than half an hour.

We decided not to install the door inside wall that we bought. It looks like it’ll just get in the way and there are only two of us. We probably won’t ever use that one.

There is a lot of room inside once it’s all set up. In fact, not trusting the waterproofness of our tent, we put it up — a 7’ x 7’ two-person dome — in the space between the back of my truck and the wall.

Taking everything down took longer. There’s the usual camping gear problem of trying to get things back into the (suddenly seemingly smaller) bags they came in and it was raining so I had as moving more slowly trying to tactically shrink my rain cover. And getting the awning back into the box is a challenge. Watch the instructional video closely. It is import ant to do exactly what they say. Eventually it all came down and fit into the bags.

A word of advice: while iKamper and independent reviewer videos show the Exoshell being used without the supporting poles, I wouldn’t. The “batwings” seem to be made of slightly less strong stuff than originally — they hang down a touch and I would worry they will twist in a breeze and be unable to fit back into the box. So use the poles.

IKamper gives you many more tent pegs than you need, which I’m sure will come in handy. However, I would have liked the guylines to have hardware at both ends. Fortunately, I remembered how to tie a bowline but it would be simple enough to have grommets or hooks at the ends to attach to the top of the poles or the loops on the awning.

Great fan. Quiet, yet powerful. Nice case.

Skycamp 3.0

We recently purchased a Skycamp 3.0 from Big Tent Outdoors and their knowledge, service and installation was great!

We are very happy with our tent and the service we received - thank you! Highly recommend!

Beautiful and versatile

Beautiful and modern design, lighting mode very versatile for multiple use. Perfectly for patio, and camping. Now I set it on my bed side for night reading

Great product!

Love the simplicity and versatility! Bought the headband and cap kit as well.

Great Fan!

This is a great, affordable upgrade for your van or camper set-ip. It is quiet, effective and easy to use. Very satisfied and highly recommend.


Great communication , fast shipping highly recommended ! 👍

Simply awesome

Just what I expected from Claymore product. Quality and reliabity😊


Thanks again for selling me the claymore light. Great light great people

It's the best.

It was a bit inconvenient without the extension, but now it's great.