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About Nanga

Our company was established in 1941 and founded by Akira Yokota. The company name, "NANGA", originated from the Himalayan mountain "NANGA PARBAT". The mountain stands at 8,126 meters and is the ninth highest mountain in the world. What separates this mountain from others is that it is notoriously difficult to climb, contributed to numerous deaths, and has the nickname of "Killer Mountain". Our philosophy behind "NANGA" is to produce a create a product that can overcome challenges under the most drastic conditions. Throughout our history of over 74 years, we have demonstrated extra care and attention to details to produce quality clothing, sleeping bags, and down jackets.

Made in Japan Quality

We take exceptional pride towards quality control and safety features of our products. Each NANGA product is made by skilled experts with precision and care. We use only the best materials and down feathers. Quality control and customer satisfaction has and will continue to be our foremost mission.

Be Warm Everywhere With Nanga

NANGA's down is guaranteed of its excellence, achieved through the careful selection of its origins, pursuit of quality, and the domestic processes of washing and refinery.


Hungarian Silver Goose

This down is made from only Hungarian silver goose down that has been washed in Japan. It is 95/5 down with a fill power of 930 FP, which possesses excellent thermal insulation capabilities. 930FP Down


This finest quality down is made from only Polish White Geese that has been washed in Japan. It is 93/7 down with a fill power of 860, which possesses great thermal insulation capabilities. 860FP Down


The down from European White Ducks (DX) has been processed with ultra water-repellent treatment, resulting in a high-quality, high-performance material with a fill power of 770. The resin of the water repelling agent binds with the down feathers at the molecular level, and the fine particles create a barrier to prevent the intrusion of water. It is the perfect down that allows the transmission of moisture vapor but does not absorb water. 770FP Down


This down is made from only European white duck down that has been washed in Japan. It is 90/10 down with a fill power of 760, which is highly cost-effective and of excellent quality. 760FP Down

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