[ULTRA MINI] Rechargeable Area Light

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The ULTRA MINI is remarkably light and compact(116 g / 4 oz), but can still last up to 24 hrs.

Manual (PDF)

Download the Ultra Mini manual here.

Color: Black

Compact and Powerful

The ULTRA MINI, remarkably lightweight at only 116g (4 oz), offers lasting illumination up to 24 hrs with its 3,500mAh battery. Capable of reaching 500 lumens, it features three color temperature settings for tailored lighting. Its compact design ensures easy storage and portability. This combination of size, power, and versatility makes the ULTRA MINI a practical lighting tool for various scenarios. It is compatible as an auxiliary light source for action cameras such as GoPro because of its lightweight body.

  • USB Type-C, rechargeable (3,500 mAh)
  • Ultra-lightweight, only 116g (4 oz)
  • 3 light color temperatures (Cool White / Natural White / Warm White)
  • 500 lumens, 24 hrs runtime in Low
  • Fine dimming control by one button press and hold
  • Battery level indicator, including an SOS mode
  • Dust/weather resistant (IP 64)
  • High density / high power Samsung Li-ion battery and LED chip
  • Tripod compatible (1/4" socket)
Claymore Ultra Mini delivers versatile lighting at just 115g


Delivers versatile lighting at just 115g.

Claymore Ultra Mini is beautifully designed and compact size


IP64 Dust and Water Resistance.

Claymore Ultra Mini has an adjustable handle and hanger which makes it good for any setup.

Angle Adjustment

Various setup with the adjustable metal handle.

3 Color Temperatures

Choose from Cool White, Natural White, and Warm White.

Claymore Ultra Mini has a battery indicator.

One Button Control

Featuring a responsive power button for fine tuning brightness, emergency SOS flash mode, and an intuitive battery level indicator.


USB Type-C with a maximum usage of 24 hours per full charge.

Claymore's Ultra Mini battery is from Samsung and made of Lithium-Ion.

Samsung Battery

Equipped with a premium Samsung Lithium-Ion battery, the Ultra Mini excels in battery performance, safety, and sustainability.

In the Box

Ultra Mini, Hardshell Case, Hook, Charging Cable (USB Type-C).

Mounting Options

Claymore's Ultra Mini is standable with the adjustable handle

Flat Surface

Use the ULTRA MINI on any flat surface with the angle-adjustable metal handle.

Claymore Ultra Mini /  Rechargeable Area Light / Ultra Mini


Detachable hook that slides onto its metal handle, allowing the ULTRA MINI to hang just about anywhere.

Claymore Ultra Mini /  Rechargeable Area Light / Ultra Mini

Tripot Socket

The built-in ¼” socket allows you to utilize the light with any ¼” screw accessory.

Claymore's Ultra Mini's functionality, handle, holder, buttons, and more


1. Handle Wire
2. Hanger
3. USB In Port
4. Battery Level Indicator
5. Power Button
6. LED Lighting Filter
7. Fixed Wire
8. ¼ inch Hole for mount accessories



30 - 500 Lm

Led color
  • Cool White (6,500K)
  • Natural White (4,500K)
  • Warm White (3,000K)
Light modes

SOS Strobe

Battery capacity

12.6 Wh

Single cell equivalent capacity

3,500 mAh @3.6V

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rich C.

Great little light! Smaller than I expected. But, very bright for its size. Camo design on light and case are a nice touch. Only complaint is that the lantern hook is very flimsy and may not hold up well over time.


Very useful light. Case, cord, and light all included. You can hang it overhead or use place it on a flat surface using the built in stand.

Ying Z.

Great products, fast shipping.

Don S.

I ordered this light but they put the three face small light in the package instead of the one I ordered so I actually did not receive what I ordered

Will N.

Excellent Light