[4S Cover] for Skycamp

Skycamp Compatible
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The 4S Cover is specifically designed to complement the iKamper Skycamp series, offering an innovative solution to the extreme temperatures experienced during summer and winter camping. This cover effectively moderates the internal temperature of your rooftop tent, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable camping experience by providing insulation against heat and cold. Enjoy the great outdoors with the added comfort and convenience of the 4S Cover.

Title: Full Size Skycamp

4S Cover

Two size options : 4S for Skycamp 4ppl, 4S for Skycamp Mini

LNT Overland 4S Cover is compatible with iKamper Rooftop Tents, Skycamp series

Upgrade your camping with the 4S Cover, making it perfect for any season! It reflects the sun's heat in summer, keeping you cool, and in winter, it blocks cold air and wind, keeping you warm. Plus, it doubles as a rain cover on wet days, ensuring your Skycamp tent stays dry. This cover takes your Skycamp to the next level, letting you enjoy camping without worrying about the weather.

Furthermore, considering the diverse living environments of our customers, the TPU flap is designed as a detachable, separate piece. Feel free to use it as per the weather or environment!

With the 4S Cover, you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature in comfort and style, no matter the season.


  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Reflects sun's heat in summer
  • Blocks cold air and wind in winter
  • Doubles as a rain cover
  • Detachable TPU flap for versatility
  • Increase and decrease upto 40°F compared to the outside temperature


Setup size

110.2"(W)*122(H)" | 280(W) * 310(H)

Product box dimension

3.5"(H)" * 24.2"(W) * 13.3"(D) | 9(H) * 62(W) * 34(D)cm

Box Weight 6.6 lbs | 3kg


100% Polyester P/OXFORD 300D PU WR 3000mm, Double-sided coating, Front silver coating, Reverse black coating


Main Cover, Side window 2pcs



LNT Overland's 4S Cover protect UV

Adapt its use to perfectly match the weather you’re experiencing!

Rooftop tents are super convenient, but have you ever felt they're too cold in winter and too hot in summer? This cover can decrease or increase the room temperature by ±5°C compared to the outside temperature. Now you can enjoy the perfect climate in your rooftop tent, no matter the season!

1. In hot weather or during summer, fully open the zipper to remove the window for better airflow
LNT Overland 4S Cover
LNT Overland 4S cover has zipping system for easy to setup.
2. In cold weather or winter, by closing the TPU covers on both sides, you can effectively block the wind during winter.
LNT Overland's 4S Cover has TPU side window
LNT Overland's 4S Cover with side window cover