[N9-FAN STAND2] Rechargeable Desktop Circulator Fan

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Color: Sand Stone

Rechargeable Desktop Circulator Fan

The LUMENA N9-FAN STAND is the archetype of a desktop circulator with a soft yet powerful wind, wireless operation, and a unique design identity. Now, we are introducing the 2nd generation desktop circulator. It did not simply evolve but was perfected.
A newly applied 2-step timer, battery level check, and 'Quick Off' function provide greater usability.

  • USB rechargeable (Li-ion 4,000mAh).
  • Wireless-portable 6" fan/air circulator for all season.
  • Removable safety net for easy cleaning.
  • "Beautiful" wind, great performance with simple but attractive design. 
  • One touch battery level check.
  • 2 stage timer, ‘Quick Off’ function.
  • Tilt up to 45 degrees.
  • Unique 30 degree vent cover frame to create "tornado" wind.
  • 4-step wind speed.
  • 20 hrs in low-speed, 4 hrs in high-speed run time.
  • Quiet (13 dB) and powerful (40 km/h) air flow.
  • Package includes a USB cable.